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From studying for the written test to driving on your own,
Coastline is here to help you be a safer, more confident driver.

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Written Test Prep

Prepare for the written test with free study materials and DMV practice tests. Get your permit on the first try!

Learn more about our free DMV practice tests.

Study Topics

27 Topics laid out in an easy-to-follow, natural progression. Learn the material through practice questions.

Mini Tests at Each Level

9 levels, each with mini tests to review topics and reinforce concepts. Pass the mini test to level up!

DMV Practice Tests

Take the official-length test to practice the pace of the test and gauge readiness

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“What I like most about coastline is you have not only the correct answer when practicing, but other answers to learn from.”


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Log Practice Drives and Level Up Skills

Learn more about our free new driver logging app.
Track Driving Hours

Track your progress towards state requirements, including day and night hours
Earn Certificate

Print your logs to show proof of driving hours, or opt for a fancy certificate
Skill Progression

Track progress on driving skills so parents and teens know what to work on next
Proven Curriculum

Curriculum based on national standards to master all aspects of driving

Video Coaching From Certified Instructors

Use your phone’s camera to record your drives, then get feedback on the skills you’re working on using your own drives. 

Whether you just started driving or just started driving on your own, our certified driving instructions can help you build skills and confidence. Coastline takes the pressure off parents to teach and monitor.

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